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President                                                          Marc Garafano                  (917) 602-7896


GOLD DIVISION MONDAY                                     Nannette Simmons                      (XXX) xxx-xxxx


SILVER DIVISION MONDAY                                       John Garafano                       (XXX) xxx-xxxx


BRONZE DIVISION MONDAY                                     Sean Murphy                         (XXX) xxx-xxxx


GOLD DIVISION TUESDAY                                          Joseph Tompkins                   (347) 219-3736


SILVER DIVISION TUESDAY                                       John Lyons                             (917) 500-4762


BRONZE DIVISION TUESDAY                             Charlie Mikolajczak                      (917) 448-6632


Administrator/Treasurer                                      Joseph Tompkins                       (347) 219-3736


Tournament Consultant                                     Joe Kiely