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The Big Apple Dart League currently supports a whopping 601 players from all over New York's 5 boroughs. These players make up the 73 teams we currently have competing against each other for that Silver Cup at the end of the season.

We have a 15 week schedule plus Play-offs and the Championship Match. There is a Monday night League and a Tuesday Night League, currently setting up for our Ladies only League, coming this fall on Sunday afternoons.

31 Bars/Organizations are currently enlisted in the league. These Bars/Organizations sponsor ladies and gentlemen who are interested in the sport, by providing them with the entrance fee at the beginning of the season and a playing court, as well as drink specials on night of play.

The Big Apple Dart League also has an 8 member Board of Directors which includes the President. The board is informed of all decisions that are made concerning the League and get together periodically to find ways to improve what is already a good thing.

The Board is made up of current players, some of which have been playing this game for numerous years. Each member of the board also oversees a division of players. Ensuring rules are followed, documenting player statistics and more.

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