Big Apple Dart League

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Marc Garafano


Marc Garafano

Sean Murphy

Monday Bronze

John Garafano

Monday Silver

Nannette Simmons

Monday Gold

Tuesday Bronze Call John Garafano

Joseph Tompkins

Tuesday Silver

Camera Shy CHARLIE

Tuesday Gold



I phoned this week and we are scheduled. Producer stated to me that it will be in the upcoming weeks but not longer than a month. STAY TUNED

For those who did not receive the newsletter email on Friday, please Send me your Email address if you want to receive mailings from the Dart League.

******POSTAGE INCREASE******     The League Has NOT received the stamps back, which only means that the Bars did receive them. CAPTAINS PLEASE place the additional postage on these envelopes, for they will not be delivered without it.  THE LEAGUE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHEETS NOT DELIVERED. 2 weeks is the rule..DO NOT ask for this rule to be broken. IF you see a red box by your teams name SEND in your copy or call us to make sure it is in.


Please email your Representative your Phone number in case they need to contact you. You can avoid forfeits by calling your opposing captain and rescheduling if you do not have enough people.

So Long

The Big Apple Dart League would like to say so long to John Lyons as a member of the Board of Directors. John has left the Board due to other obligations and can no longer concentrate on his duties. Thank you John for all your hard work. Tuesday Bronze Division Teams, Contact John Garafano with all questions and problems as you would have contacted Mr. Lyons.


Timboos has forfeited out this season. Byes will take the place rather than fuss with the schedules. WEEK 15 will be played since Timboos had the bye in that week.



Why can’t most of you write the DAY you play or DIVISION on the forms? It is getting confusing trying to match these up.    PLEASE WRITE DAY AND DIVISION on the top.


The idea has been running around and it seems like it will happen. Ladies, brush off your darts and prepare. Starting in September we will hopefully get off the Big Apple Dart League Women’s division. Anyone interested please contact the league with your name and Email address. We will get more information to you as soon as we finalize it. Looks like it will be Sunday Afternoon and last aprox. 10 weeks. This all depends on how many ladies we get to register.



The League would like to take this moment to wish “Three Jolly Pigeons” a speedy rebuild. Unfortunatly a fire broke out in the bar last week causing extensive damage. The team has decided that they did not want to forfeit out and has suggested to become the away team for the remainder of the season. The league has checked it out and it looks fine so far. PLEASE ADJUST YOUR SCHEDULES TO REFLECT THESE CHANGES.

2 Teams so far this season have recorded 0-0 for not sending in a match report. Please do not MAIL 2 in one envelope. This may happen to you.

WHITE COPIES!!!!!!!  We cannot read the carbons and you guys are losing a lot of all-star points..We will not hear “you didn’t score my points”. No White Page, No All-star points!

Marc Garafano